Kriegan ID# 040-R32-2525304-RAED

-rebreather heavy breathing-


ID# 040-R32-2525304-RAED
Nickname: Redd, 304
Regiment: Death Korps
Career: Arch-Militant (Weapon Master [Basic])
Ship Role: Twistcatcher

Age: 28
Height: 180cm (5’11")
Weight: 64kg (142lb)

Hair Color: White Blonde
Skin Color: Pale White
Eye Color: Gray Blue

Weapon Skill: 44
Ballistic Skill: 40
Strength: 42
Toughness: 48
Agility: 40
Intelligence: 42
Perception: 40
Willpower: 35
Fellowship: 20

Wounds: 5
Fate: 2
Insanity: 3
Corruption: 1
Handedness: Ambidextrous

Death World – Resistance (Poisons)
Unnatural Origin – Contaminated Environs – +3 Willpower – Degenerate Mind (Fearless)
Crusade – Warrior – +5 Toughness
Lost Worlds – Beyond the Pale – Heresy – Xenos
Devotion – Duty – Unshakable Faith
Accursed be thy Name – Secret Taint – +5 Willpower

Skills: Awareness +10 , Barter, Carouse, Charm, Climb, Command +20 , Concealment, Contortionist, Deceive, Disguise, Dodge, Evaluate, Forbidden Lore (Heresy, Xenos), Gamble, Inquiry, Intimidate, Logic, Scrutiny, Search, Silent Move, swim, Common Lore (War), Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis), Secret Tongue (Military), Speak Language (Low Gothic).

Talents: Ambidextrous, Quick Draw, Melee Training (Primitive), Bloodtracker, Guardian, Degenerate Mind (Fearless), Unshakable Faith, Blind Fighting, Pure Faith, The Emperor Protects, Swift Attack, Furious Assault, Iron Discipline, Into the Jaws of Hell, Basic Weapon Training (Universal), Pistol Weapon Training (Universal), Melee Weapon Training
(Universal), Thrown Weapon Training (Universal), Sound Constitution, Resistance (Poisons).

Best Craftsmanship Long Las (1d10+3 E), Good Craftsmanship Grox Whip (3m 1d10+3 R), micro-bead, void suit, enforcer light carapace, armour, bolt shell keepsake, medikit, manacles, 3 doses of stimm.


heavier mask breathing

Kriegan ID# 040-R32-2525304-RAED

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